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On The Rocks
A good compilation of oldies.

When the malt people step into music terrain, youíve got to allow them some leeway for minor glitches. This jukebox ainít so bad, but it ainít brilliant either. Itís what they call dry ice!

Fourteen warm tracks with an odd hottie or two, the album intersperses the fast with the slow. The ones I ran over again and again to satiate my music greed were Didoís "Here With Me", Santanaís "El Farol", Mr. Misterís "Broken Wings" and LFOís "Summer Girls". Does anybody still listen to Smokieís "Living Next Door To Alice" (the unadulterated version), or Air Supplyís "All Out Of Love"? The ones that do will find them here.

The very avoidable Right Said Fred have a surprisingly decent number here with "Mojive" and Gilís "Out Of My Bed" is still in my head! "Join Me In Death" by Him did bring visions of hell, incidentally. Dave Matthewís Band have "I Did It" as the closing track, and is probably a good choice to wake you out of the stupor caused by the falling rhythm.

Royal Stag Mega Mix Jukebox | Compilation

In boombox...
Patience - George Michael
Think Tank - Blur
My Private Nation - Train
A Progress In Trance - Compilation
The Fast And The Furious - Compilation
In colophon...
Hostage - Robert Crais
The Dead Heart - Douglas Kennedy
Right As Rain - George Pelecanos
In cut!...
American Chai
The Core
In potluck...
Pizza Hut
Sanuk Thai
In stage left...
The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
All My Sons
The Typists
In gamepad...
Starcraft: Brood War
Jet Fighter: Full Burn
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