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Back To The Future
A swinging soundtrack that evokes the mood of the 50s

The soundtrack of the movie "Chicago" serves as the ideal album for all those of you into 1950s swing and jazz music. It took a while for the movie adaptation of the Broadway musical to hit the big screen, but it was definitely worth the wait, and the soundtrack makes it even better. John Kander and Fred Ebb's musical and lyrical talent and Catherine Zeta-Jones' vocal abilities are clearly visible (rather, audible) in this genius of a soundtrack.

The album kicks off with the famous "All That Jazz", proving that Catherine Zeta-Jones can go a long way as a singer too. She manages to add that perfect zing and class in her vocals, much needed for this genre in music. Next up is "Funny Honey", Renee Zellweger's attempt at flexing her vocal chords. I wouldn't say she was fabulous, but she does manage to pull off the song in a very above average, and even raunchy sort of way, though it could have been done better. The song that caught my fancy the most, though, was R&B singer Queen Latifah doing "When You're Good to Mama", surprising me with the mastery and control she has over her voice in this genre.

Overall, this album is money well spent for those of you who go gaga over music from the swinging 50s (I know I do). Even if you are not much of a swing or jazz fan, this album is worth at least one listen.

Chicago | Compilation

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