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The Ring
A murderous videotape and a boy who sees visions fail to lift this movie out of the doldrums | 29 Jan 2003
I spy, with my little eye, a horse that's been beaten to death... | 29 Jan 2003
Analyze That
If therapy doesn't work, there's always violence | 20 Jan 2003
The Tuxedo
Jackie Chan as James Brown? You gotta be kidding! | 15 Jan 2003
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
An animated display of the oddities and idiosyncrasies of a Greek family in America | 02 Jan 2003
Die Another Day
007's showing his age, but he can still ride a mean wave | 25 Feb 2002
The Transporter
A movie long on style and short on substance | 12 Jan 2002
The Sweetest Thing
Falling in love has never been quite so...silly | 20 Dec 2002
Red Dragon
A well-crafted psychological thriller about serial killers and the people who hunt them | 12 Dec 2002
Ghost Ship
Dead men tell no tales. Ask Davy Jones | 10 Dec 2002

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