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Chicken Biryani And Beer
Leopold's is a friendly, inexpensive cafe in the heart of Bombay.

Leopold's Cafe and Bar is probably one of the most well-known restaurants among the ones located on Colaba Causeway. Although it's similar to Cafe Mondegar, there are things other than the food to draw one to this particular joint, such as the scenes in and about the place. Look inside and discover there a very vibrant, humming crowd of customers hailing from various nationalities and walks of life. Look outside and enjoy the most thrilling view of good ol' Mumbai possible. Another attraction of Leopold's is that it is a place that believes in serving hefty portions of food at a reasonable price.

The restaurant is a comfort zone because of several reasons. It is has an informal, dress-as-you-please feel to it that is perhaps encouraged by the faded walls, the sensible square tables with serviceable tartan cloths thrown over them, practical fans and a high ceiling - the old world's equivalent of modern-day ventilation systems. At the same time, the place is clean, the service is quick and the waiters are cordial. What more could one ask for?

Regular patrons would say nothing, except for a chilled beer (in a pitcher or a mug) and chicken curry and rice. The first brings relief from the scorching sun and the second fills one up to capacity.

Leopold's specialities include all their chicken based dishes, such as chicken salad with mayonnaise or roast chicken & chips. Besides these, biryani and rice, fresh fruit juices, and other various food items are also up on the menu. A whole meal can be wrapped up in about Rs. 100 to Rs. 210, thus not causing too much of a dent in one's pocket.

Next time you find yourself loose on Colaba Causeway, give that shopping a rest, drop in here and chill out.

Leopold Cafe And Bar
Colaba Causeway, Colaba, Bombay 400 005, India
+91 22 202 0131, 287 3362

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