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Lord Of The Strings
Sites for the serious musician.

Being a musician on this part of the planet isn't all the fun it's cut out to be on a holiday.

Your ambiguous occupational placement amidst your relatives makes for uninteresting tea-time conversation, and you simultaneously battle your own demons as you rediscover the lost art of air guitar. Despite your hard-earned mediocrity, you can never really keep your head above water in the ever-changing world of musicianship. Life tends to stagnate and before you know it, your technique begins to resemble the soundtrack of an old John Woo film (Dad, are you listening?)

However, before you break your amplifier in a fit of helplessness, there is a solution. The Web is an oasis of information for both the budding musician and the seasoned veteran, but could be a one-way ticket to nowhere if you don't know what you need.

Some sites really lay out the works, with their interactive sections and live updates. Others may be punctuated with more worthless information than you could ever care to count.

A musician needs more than just his/her share of tabulations and tips, and that's exactly what many sites offer. We've reviewed a few sites that are sure to keep you occupied until you reach your optimum potential as a musician (or until your neighbour lodges some form of formal complaint), and we're sure that they'll be just what the doctor ordered.

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