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Performing Remote Procedure Calls With PEAR XML_RPC
Learn to harness the power of XML-RPC in your PHP scripts | 30 Sep 2006
Using Amazon E-Commerce Services With PEAR SOAP
Integrate Amazon.com's ECS service into your own Web site | 23 Aug 2006
Injecting XML Content Into Page Templates With patXMLRenderer (part 2)
Cache content, log activities and report usage with patXMLRenderer | 24 Mar 2004
Injecting XML Content Into Page Templates With patXMLRenderer (part 1)
Create a modular Web site with templates, XML and Randy | 15 Mar 2004
Creating XML Trees With The XmlTextWriter and XmlDocument Objects
Dynamically create well-formed XML documents in your ASP.NET scripts | 02 Mar 2004
XForms Basics (part 3)
Perform calculations on form input values and get a crash course in the XForms event model | 17 Nov 2003
XForms Basics (part 2)
Find out how to submit XForms data to a server-side script or save it to a local client file | 08 Nov 2003
XForms Basics (part 1)
Use XForms to manage the display, input and processing of form data on the Web | 28 Oct 2003
Doing More With XML Schemas (part 4)
What's in a namespace? Quite a lot, it seems | 06 Feb 2003
Doing More With XML Schemas (part 3)
Use built-in schema constructs to enforce uniqueness within your XML document instances. Can you say unique composed value? | 28 Jan 2003

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