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Date/Time Functions In MySQL
Get a crash course in MySQL's date and time functions | 19 Jan 2004
Sequential XML Processing With The XMLReader Object (part 1)
Learn to process an XML document with the XMLReader object | 16 Jan 2004
Using Cookies With JavaScript
Store and retrieve persistent data with cookies in JavaScript | 12 Jan 2004
Network Radio With Icecast
Set up a multi-channel radio station on your home or office network | 18 Dec 2003
Input Validation With ASP.NET (part 1)
Protect your Web application from bad data with ASP.NET's Validator objects | 18 Dec 2003
Understanding The JavaScript RegExp Object
Find out all about the JavaScript RegExp object and its methods | 18 Dec 2003
Strings In MySQL
Use the powerful string processing toolkit in MySQL for common string manipulation tasks | 18 Dec 2003
Retrieving System Information With patSysinfo
Retrieve real-time server information and display it to users in your Web application with patSysinfo | 16 Dec 2003
Parsing XML With The XMLDocument Object
Parse XML documents in ASP.NET with the XMLDocument object | 12 Dec 2003
Using Timers In JavaScript
Create timed or looping events in your Web pages with the Window object | 08 Dec 2003

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