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Dancing The Samba (part 2)
Learn how to exploit the power of Samba's ancillary utilities.

| What's In A Name? |

In case you're working in an environment that is sensitive to file names, you can use Samba's "name mangling" capabilities to impose a particular set of rules on the filenames it creates. Consider the following addition to the "smb.conf" file, which ensures that the name of every file created on the Samba server is upper-cased.

        default case = upper
        preserve case = no

Over here, the "default case" attribute sets the default case for new filenames, while the "preserve case" attribute controls whether filenames are preserved as is, or if they are forcefully changed to a different case.

If your server implements disk quotas for users or groups, you can have Samba respect these quotas as well; simply recompile it and, this time, add the "with-quotas" argument to the "configure" script. Once you've got a new Samba binary built and installed, you should find that the system automatically restricts you from using more than your allotted disk space.

Consider the following example, which demonstrates by first setting the quota for the "accounts" group (506) to 2 MB,

''.preg_replace(array('/  /', '/ /'), array('  ', '   '), '
$ quotatool -g 506 -b -q 2048 -l 2048  /dev/hda2

$ quota -g accounts
Disk quotas for group accounts (gid 506):
    Filesystem  blocks  quota  limit  grace  files  quota  limit  grace
      /dev/hda2    1928    2048    2048              0      0      0       

and then attempting to use more than the allotted disk space via the "smbclient" utility:

''.preg_replace(array('/  /', '/ /'), array('  ', '   '), '
$ smbclient //olympus/groups
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Domain=[MEDUSA] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 2.2.5]
smb: \> cd accounts
smb: \accounts\> mput samba-latest.tar.gz
putting file samba-latest.tar.gz as \accounts\samba-latest.tar.gz Error writing file: NT_STATUS_DISK_FULL
(326.4 kb/s) (average 326.4 kb/s)
smb: \accounts\>

As you can see, Samba returns a "disk full" error as soon as the group exceeds its allotted quota.

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