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Melonfire is currently open to the following types of business arrangements:

Content partnerships: For content publishers who need specialized content on a regular basis, a content partnership with Melonfire is often considered a gift from the heavens. Melonfire's team of professionals take it upon themselves to understand the target customer, research and analyze the specific subject areas, and develop content exclusively for that customer segment. Customers receive content on a pre-defined delivery schedule, and projects are professionally managed by project focals and customer managers.

Copyright and redistribution rights to such content are typically owned exclusively by the content publisher, although Melonfire may enter into leveraged agreements with the content publisher to bring the content to a larger audience.

Subscription services: Content publishers looking for an affordable basket of frequently-updated content would do well to look at Melonfire's subscription services, which are currently focused on the lifestyle/entertainment segment. For a nominal monthly fee, Melonfire provides customers with a complete content package containing reviews and top-ten listings of books, movies, music, art, theatre and restaurants. This content package is updated every week, and is currently localized to the city of Bombay, India only.

Copyright and redistribution rights to this content package are owned solely by Melonfire, although cutomers are typically granted a perpetual license to use, re-use and modify this content as per their individual requirements, subject to certain usage guidelines.

Syndication services: Melonfire, on occassion, assists other content developers to gain market share for their content by syndicating that content through its network of customers and alliance partners. The current syndication catalog includes The HITG Report, a newsletter on technology and the Internet, and The Scalpel, a newsletter on medicine and healthy living.

Content developers are typically charged a nominal syndication fee, and are solely responsible for both the pedigree of the content and its licensing terms.

Alliance partnerships: In order to provide its customers with more diverse content, and gain access to new markets, Melonfire is open to strategic alliances with content providers in other cities or countries.

For more information on these services, drop us a line and a customer service representative will get in touch with you.

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