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A kidnapping plot goes sour...as does the script of this badly-written film | 30 Nov 2002
The Guru
A bumbling actor turns into a sex guru overnight. Ah, if only real life were like this... | 25 Nov 2002
Resident Evil
Turning computer games into movieshas never looked like such a bad idea before | 22 Nov 2002
Austin Powers: Goldmember
Austin Powers goes head to head with Goldmember and Dr. Evil. Simply shagalicious, baby! | 12 Nov 2002
Stuart Little 2
Stuart's back...and this time, he's brought friends | 06 Nov 2002
Female empowerment has never looked so good | 26 Oct 2002
A new star is born | 17 Oct 2002
Road To Perdition
Hell is where the heart is | 16 Oct 2002
The Bourne Identity
A rattling tale of intrigue, murder and mayhem in Europe's most beautiful cities | 15 Oct 2002
Lilo And Stitch
Disney's latest animated feature has attitude to spare | 06 Oct 2002

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