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PHP 101 (part 6): Function-ally Yours
Find out how to create your own reusable PHP functions | 06 Aug 2004
PHP 101 (part 5): Rank And File
Learn how to read and write files with PHP | 14 Jul 2004
Using PEAR Console_Getopt To Process The PHP Command Line
Learn to process command-line options in your PHP script | 30 Jul 2004
Using PEAR HTML_Template_IT For Modular Interface Design
Simplify your PHP application design with modular interface templates | 25 Jun 2004
PHP 101 (part 4): The Food Factor
Explore one of PHP's coolest variable types, the array | 14 Jul 2004
PHP 101 (part 3): Looping The Loop
Learn how to repeatedly execute code with loops and more sophisticated conditional tests | 14 Jul 2004
PHP 101 (part 2): Calling All Operators
Use PHP to process Web forms, and get to grips with operators and conditional statements | 21 Jun 2004
PHP 101 (part 1): Down The Rabbit Hole
Get started with PHP, the hottest new scripting language on the block | 21 Jun 2004
Creating Email Newsletters with patNewsletter (part 2)
Learn to manage subscribers and customize newsletters with patNewsletter | 30 Mar 2004
Injecting XML Content Into Page Templates With patXMLRenderer (part 2)
Cache content, log activities and report usage with patXMLRenderer | 24 Mar 2004

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